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about the band

nu metal. melodic rock. rock band

Clenchfist, a powerhouse rock band that ignites stages with their electrifying sound and raw energy. Hailing from the heart of the Tampa rock scene, Clenchfist delivers a unique blend of original melodic hard rock music that captivates audiences and leaves them craving more. With blistering guitar riffs, thunderous rhythms, powerful base lines, drums that dont quit, and soulful vocals, Clenchfist creates an unforgettable sonic experience that resonates with fans old and new. Drawing inspiration from the raw emotion and intensity of life's trials and triumphs, their lyrics delve deep into the human experience, touching on themes of resilience, empowerment, and redemption.  Clenchfist's music speaks to the core of what it means to be alive. With a dedicated fan base and a reputation for delivering unforgettable live performances, Clenchfist continues to carve their path as one of the most promising acts in the rock music scene today.

Clenchfist's following has compounded over 20 years of music making. Today their faithful fans are known as the Fist Mob Mafia!



Get ready to raise your fists and join the Clenchfist revolution!




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Release 2024




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